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The Republican Plan To Close The Healthcare Gap Means More Jobs, Better Access, & More Effective Care For North Carolinians.

Closing the healthcare gap by expanding Medicaid for North Carolinians is just common-sense. Here's why conservatives across our state are rallying behind the Republican plan to close the healthcare gap:

  • Closing the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid increases access to affordable healthcare for everyone.
  • Closing the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid covers more uninsured people, lowering everyone else’s premiums, allowing you to keep more of your own money.
  • The Republican plan creates jobs and is great for business growth.
  • Expanding Medicaid helps law enforcement fight the opioid epidemic. 
  • Closing the coverage gap expands military veterans’ access to affordable healthcare.
  • There has not been a better time for an expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina history.
  •   The Republican Plan To Close the Coverage Gap Increases Access To Affordable Healthcare For Everyone.  
  • 37 red and blue states have expanded Medicaid, including Indiana, Ohio and now Utah, Nebraska and Idaho.  
  • If North Carolina expanded Medicaid and closed the coverage gap, it would give more than 500,000 people access to affordable health insurance.  
  • This would primarily benefit working people whom we interact with every day, like construction workers, retail employees, restaurant workers, and farmers.  
  •   The Republican Plan Covers More Uninsured People, Lowering Everyone Else’s Premiums.  
  • When uninsured people need care, they often go to the one place that won’t turn them away: the ER. 
  • The ER is an expensive care setting, and when patients can’t pay, hospitals often eat the cost.  
  • Hospitals offset that loss by charging higher rates for insured patients, called “cost-shifting,” and that translates into higher premiums for every individual and employer who buys health insurance. 
  • Premiums for people who buy their own health insurance are 7% lower in states that have expanded Medicaid than in states that haven’t.
  •   The Republican Plan Creates Jobs & Is Great For Business.  
  • A 2014 analysis found that expanding Medicaid in North Carolina would create 43,000 jobs over 5 years. 
  • When Michigan (about the size of NC) closed their coverage gap, it created 39,000 jobs.  
  • Many of these jobs would go to the 44 rural NC counties where a hospital is one of 5 biggest employers.  
  • Would bring about $4 billion dollars in federal funding into the NC economy each year.  
  • NC taxpayers are already helping to pay for closing the coverage gap in other states, we should to bring some of those federal tax dollars back home.  
  • Would require zero dollars in new state appropriation. Federal government would pay 90% of costs, and the remaining 10% would be funded by hospitals and health plans.  
  •   The Republican Plan For Expanding Medicaid Helps Law Enforcement Fight The Opioid Epidemic.  
  • An opioid crisis is ravaging our state and many people who need treatment are uninsured.  
  • Nationally, 28% of low-income uninsured individuals who could benefit from Medicaid expansion have a behavioral health need. 
  • Access to affordable healthcare helps people access life-saving treatment. 
  • Closing the coverage gap has been key to Ohio’s positive results in turning the tide on the opioid crisis.  
  • 75% of previously uninsured people with opioid use disorders now have improved access to care. 
  • Dayton, Ohio saw a 54% decrease in opioid overdose deaths after Ohio expanded Medicaid.  
  •   The Republican Plan To Close The Coverage Gap By Expanding Medicaid Expands Military Veterans’ Access To Affordable Healthcare.  
  • Many veterans are ineligible for healthcare through the VA: one in four veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan are without coverage. 
  • 12,000 veterans would gain access to health insurance if we expanded Medicaid. 
  • States that closed the coverage gap have a lower rate of uninsured veterans than those that did not.  

North Carolina conservatives should unite and expand Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid helps all working families and makes good economic sense for our future.


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